Top 10 PowerPoint Alternatives

If you’re reading this post, then we’d like to congratulate you on a brave decision.


It's Time to Democratize Design

If good design truly matters, then shouldn't everyone have access to it?


Presentations for the Rest of Us

You may not be Steve Jobs, but that doesn’t mean your presentations don’t matter. 


How Design AI will Transform Work

We believe that AI can—and should—make it easier to do beautiful work.

Visualizing Ideas

Turn Bullets into Beautiful Slides

Sorry, but there’s no nice way to say this: Bullet Slides are a cop-out.

Visualizing Ideas

When to use the Venn Diagram

To understand the right way to use Venn Diagrams, it helps to go back in time.


A Free Marketing Campaign Template

Marketing campaigns are an intriguing mix of organization and creativity. 

Templates marketing

 A Free Beautiful Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is your single most important document as a marketer.


Why We Built Beautiful.AI

On May 22, 1990, Microsoft changed the world—for better or worse.

Visualizing Ideas

Data is a Story. Tell It.

At this point, it’s safe to say that we’ve reached peak data.