PowerPoint Makeovers: The 'Netflix: Culture' Deck

Company culture is so hot right now. And for good reason—new research shows that companies that succeed in creating a healthy work culture are more su...


Present Beautifully: A 5-Step Guide to Standout Presentations

We get it (probably more than anyone else): Presentations are hard. After you finally figure out what you need to say, and how you’ll say it, you stil...


3 Presentation Templates to KICKSTART Your Next Deck

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Go Pro: 5 Secrets to Prepping for Your Next Big Presentation from Top Pros

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Presentation Design for Non-Designers

Presentation Skills: Become a Power Presenter With These 3 Mindset Tweaks

Chances are, you’d rather die than do a presentation.

Presentation Design for Non-Designers

Presentation Design 201: Brain-Friendly Hacks For Visualizing your Data

I’m sure you’ve heard the terms “big data” and “data visualization” by now (most likely in the same sentence, case and point), but why are these two t...


Presentation Design 101: Hottest  design TRENDS TO KEEP YOUR SLIDES FRESH

Presentations have come a long way people: Gone are the days of special effects, gifs, and bullet list fatigue. We’ve also waved goodbye to ClipArt; s...


Social Media Strategy 101: How to Scale your Program Fast

Few modern-day businesses can survive without social media. After all, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like have become the 21st-century town hal...


Presentation Structure and Story

The hardest part about preparing a presentation — besides grappling with your fear of presenting — is the moment you ask yourself, “Where do I even be...


From Madmen to TedTalks: The Evolution of the Presentation

In the Don Draper days of 1960s Manhattan, the concept of a "presentation" was very different than it is today. At that time, presentations consisted ...

Professional Growth

Your Personal Brand Plan with Melody Wilding

This is the second installment of a partnership we've formed with Fortune 100 executive coach, Forbes contributor, and psychology professor Melody Wil...

Perspective vs. PowerPoint: A Battle of Presentation Software

A Battle Between a New PowerPoint Alternative and Ye Olde Presentation Software Time sure flies. It’s been 32 years since Microsoft acquired PowerPoin...


Top PowerPoint Alternatives in 2019

It’s that time of the year again, when we update our list of the best powerpoint alternatives on the market for the coming year. There are many, so we...


#WORKBEAUTIFUL Presents: Rituals in the Workplace

An investigation into the brain science behind rituals in the office, and how they can make teams stronger and more productive.

Visualizing Ideas Presentations Inspiration Creatives Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: A Paris-based Travel Editor

Note: For this post, we are putting the spotlight on our community. After all, our users have come up with some genius ways to use our smart templates...


CYBERSECURITY: A Guide to Protecting Yourself On The Internet

What you don't know should scare you: Cybersecurity is an industry that is booming — in part due to the massive increase in major data breaches. 

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The Five Essentials: How to Start a Business

So… you’re finally doing it: starting a new business, that is. They say the biggest challenges reap the biggest rewards, and you’ve obviously bought i...


3 Sample Tables That Tell Your Data’s Story in a Powerful Way

Figuring out how to visualize your data used to be a real pain in the neck. After all, creating any kind of table, chart or graph from scratch is know...

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Use These Tech Tools to Grow Your Business Fast

Every startup and small business has the same thought: We need to scale quickly, but we must also do so efficiently. This means, typically, we can’t j...

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Communicate Beautifully with Melody Wilding

This is the first installment of a partnership we've formed with Fortune 100 executive coach, Forbes contributor, and psychology professor Melody Wild...