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A Boost For HR Benefits Presentations

If you’re in HR, you know it’s a very service oriented practice. Employees are HR’s internal customers and one of the biggest customer needs we fulfil...

Visualizing Ideas

The 5 Slides Killing Your Productivity

Your most common slides are often your most time-consuming.


5 Questions Before Pitching Your Boss

You’ve developed the plan. You’ve scheduled the meeting. So now what?

Presentations Human Resources New Hire Orientation

New Hire Orientation Presentation Template

It’s time someone finally said it: HR is tough. We may not be the ones building the product or out there closing deals, but we are the holders of cult...


4 TED Talks for Your Next Big Pitch

Whether you're presenting to thousands or just one, check out these talks.


This VC Pitch Deck Comes Recommended by First Round Capital

We've partnered with First Round Capital on this free pitch deck template.


Top 10 PowerPoint Alternatives

If you’re reading this post, then we’d like to congratulate you on a brave decision.


It's Time to Democratize Design

If good design truly matters, then shouldn't everyone have access to it?


Presentations for the Rest of Us

You may not be Steve Jobs, but that doesn’t mean your presentations don’t matter. 


How Design AI will Transform Work

We believe that AI can—and should—make it easier to do beautiful work.